Beer, Wine & Spirits

Torch River Market carries beer, wine and spirits — everything you need for a great time with friends and family. We stock a wide-ranging selection of brands for all tastes and price points. Place a custom order – have it in days. Volume discounts available.

Stock Your Bar

Take advantage of our expertise with our “Stock Your Bar” service. We provide a personalized, fully stocked bar for your stay up north. We take the time to learn about your tastes, preferences, and plans and put together a package that meets your budget.

We will supply everything you need – spirits, mixers, garnishes, tools — plus things you might not think of! Stick with the cocktails and brands you love, or branch out and let us recommend something sure to become your new favorite.

Collection Assistance

If you collect or enjoy a particular brand of spirit or bottle of wine, just let us know. In most cases we can get it for you in a matter of days. Of course, some bottles and brands are rare and particularly hard to find. Let us know your wish list and any time those elusive beasts come around we will let you know.